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Walmley Junior Academy



Here at Walmley, we aim to offer our young golfers a consistent and easy to follow pathway into junior golf. Our pathway aims to take a child from first touching a golf club all the way through to independent, safe and rewarding play on the golf course


Step One


Join our academy


Classes run every Saturday and Sunday at various times for children aged 4 - 16 

Here you will learn all the skill of playing golf in a fun group environment. Making great friends along the way. We use the Walmley "MISSION PACK" and reward badges to help our players keep track of there progress similar to belts in karate.  Click Here for more information on our mission pack and badge system or click here for information on joining our academy. 

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Step Two


Join our colt's 


Once a player has mastered the required skills and collected all the required mission badges they are rewarded with COLT membership at Walmley Golf Club. Through the support of parents and volunteers, the COLT's gain on-course playing experience through bi-weekly competitions as well as other on-course opportunities such as the golf sixes team playing matches against other golf clubs.


This stage is all about learning to use the golf course safely and efficiently. working towards independent play.


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Spet Three


Join our Juniors


Once you have proven through the COLT you are a safe competent golfer you are invited to join as a full Junior member of Walmley Golf Club gaining the playing rights to use the course unsupervised.


Our Juniors benefit from weekly competitions, interclub league matches, great social events for both golfers and parents.

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