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Walmley Junior Academy

Player Mission Pack


Here at Walmley, we use a mission pack and badges to help our golfers track their progress and keep them engaged with the process of learning to play golf.


There are 40 badges to collect across 5 difficulty levels. Once a player collects a badge they pin it to their special Walmley Golf Academy Mission Towel to show other players there progress. Once a play has collected all 40 badges they receive a £100.00 equipment upgrade voucher to send in the Walmley Golf Shop.


There is an initial cost of £0.00/£14.99*  for the mission pack but with no ongoing cost.  If you require any replacements they are charged at the following costs


Badges £1.00

Towels £8.50 





You can view the mission pack and all 40 badges below


* £0.00 cost for the mission pack with a monthly standing order for Academy Membership. Click here to learn more 

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