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Every year since 2014 Walmley has been proud to support the Sutton Coldfield tri Golf School games. During the Spring term each year, our coaching team visit local primary schools offering tri golf tuition to years 3/4 and 5/6. Each school then has the opportunity to take part in the tri-Golf schools games which our coaching staff help run alongside the school games    

co-ordinator for the region.


Every school who signs up for tri golf coaching receives £240.00 worth of tuition for just £25.00 thanks to the funding raised by the Walmley Golf Club Foundation.  


   What is tri-golf?

Tri-Golf is a FUN, energetic, version of golf which young children in primary schools can enjoy with their classmates as they hit the target with their first golf shots. Tri-Golf is genuinely inclusive as it suits all abilities; every child can succeed in the games and with the flexibility between individual play and team interaction, it engages well with youngsters who might not want to play a traditional team sport.Tri-Golf promotes ‘Skills for Life’ attributes including co-operation, good sportsmanship and concentration and is designed to be used across curriculum learning. 

On top of this every child who we see during the schools coaching is offered 3 weeks tottaly free coaching back at the golf club in our academy !


  Since we started supporting the tri golf school games in 2014 we have delived golf to in excess of 3000 local students across 20+ primary schools.  

We are very much looking forward to future school games and growing the sporting oppertunities our local schools can offer there students.

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