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Rowangarth Day Centre has been operating in Erdington since 2008, providing a high level of services for adults with a disability or learning difficulties.  We also provide care for adults with Early Onset Dementia.


Our Work with Rowangarth centres around providing their clients with the opportunity to learn golf over a prolonged period of time. Clients attend a bi-weekly lesson supported by a member Rowangarth staff with the view to provide the required skills and self-confidence to continue golf away from Rowangarth maybe visiting a local driving range or even playing a golf course with a family member or carer. 

"Lydia has been working closely with Walmley Golf Club and we are lucky enough to offer our clients golf lessons with a PGA Professional Golfer. 

The lessons have been rewarding for clients involved and they have learnt a lot about the sport. The PGA Professional has a special interest in disability golf and is campaigning to make it a more recognised sport. A big thanks to Walmley Golf club for giving us such a fantastic opportunity."

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