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Head Teaching Professional

Our Head Teaching Professional Sam Stuart founded Walmley Golf Academy in 2011. Sam's teaching philosophy focuses on the golf ball and what it's telling us about impact rather than does the swing look "correct" as you will see with the best players in the world there is no one correct way to swing a golf club and every one is unique in there method. Sam will work with you and your technique to maximise your results.


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Joe Moore


Joe Moore, Walmley Golf Club Junior Captain 2017-2018. Joe has completed his studies in sport at Sutton college specialising in golf and a degree in Sports management at Sheffield University and hopes to turn professional in the near future. Joe completed his level one coaching badge and has begun acting as a volunteer assisting with primary school coaching.   

Find Us

Walmely Golf Club , Brooks Road, Wylde Green, Birmingham, B72 1HR

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