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Our Teaching Studio

The start of 2022 saw us open our £26,000 state of the art teaching studio. Fully equipeted to help develop every aspect of your game from swing analysis, launch data to club fitting and beyond. 


Foresight GC3

Thanks to the advanced photometric technology inside, the GC3 remains accurate and reliable both on the range and in our studio. No other launch monitor tech compares with the GC line when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight.



T.O.M.I Putting lab is a launch monitor for your putter. The club golfers lose more shots on the greens than any other aspect of the game. With the help of T.O.M.I we can view your putting stroke in numbers to really break down where your stroke is letting you down. 


Swing Catalyst Slow Motion Capture

With Swing Catalyst Slow Motion Capture we can view your swing in greater details, compare to previous swings and measure change thorough out your lesson. Captured swings can be sent via a free app to your device to review at your leisure as well as send back to your coaching from personal practice to make sure you are on the right track.   

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